Leap Motion ! Reworking the future of Music

Become an electrical musician with Leap Motion’s latest launched product. By connecting a little box to your Mac or Windows computer, allowing gestures to be detected. With a wave of a hand or lift of a finger, it is possible with so far, 14 music apps that may be downloaded to play an instrument, DJ, edit music, ect. We think that artist managers may be seeing products like this pop up in the market more often and we’re excited to see how Leap Motion will take this to the next level, especially with computer integration.

A few of the latest apps, Octorhythm (3$) a musical version of the game “Simon Says”. Fingertapps piano (3$) comes with nine song tutorials on how to play the piano electronically. Airbeats (5$) which allow playing of drums on multiple sets. Music Swoosh (2$) is a Mac-only app that loads playlists from the itunes library and lets you control playbacks just like a DJ would.
Check out a couple of video examples of some of these apps used with Leap Motion’s newest product:
AirBeats For Leap Motion
AirHarp Demo For Leap Motion

Thanks for reading,
AC Team


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