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New Updates, New Plugins! for the ARTIST

New Updates, New Plugins! for the ARTIST

Try ArtistCommand for free and kickstart you career as a independent musician. We aspire to provide tools that empower small artists. Through our experience in the industry we have learned a couple things. One being that you cannot wait for success to just fall out of the sky and into your life. It takes risk, dedication, hard work, courage, perseverance and focus.

There are a couple of things artists need to start with. They need to be able to produce music. This is made relatively easy with the right tools such as Logic. Most are Interactive tools that host a variety of plugins that open the doors for production.

The second step is to showcase work that has been produced. Thats where we come in. We allow the artist to build a public profile or artist page, organize their schedules, organize their industry connections, organize their team and even organize their finances like never before. All from one centralized spot that looks clean, professional and is easy to use.

We are proud to announce ArtistCommand. Our Artist pages are set to drop within the next couple of days and we are really excited to get small artists to the next step in their careers. Our focus has been to work with the artist and develop a tool that will actually be really useful. Now with plenty of feedback, time and effort we have come close to that point. Our team here at ArtistCommand would like to invite you to try out our free trial and tell us what you think.

Here is a link to our site or you can just click the picture!

and we look forward to have you on board with us as we continue to provide innovative plugins and ideas into the industry!

TC Team


Our Maryland Friends

Check out Crackbeetz! a fully independent organization based out of Bethesda MD. They are definitely representing a new age in music catering to the community as well as up and coming talent from around the nation. Working closely with Stephen Swartz who is from Northern Virginia and is really making a splash in the EDM scene, crackbeetz is on the rise to be a big player in the DC music community.

New Music and Quote of the day!


Our motto is “if you don’t try, you have already failed” With a plethora of opportunities out there most find excuses as to why they cannot find them. However if you truly look hard enough, you just might stumble onto something that will push you to meet your goals. Keep hustling!


A new track that has great production and overall quality that give it a original sound. Great vocals by Atlas Genius bring it all together so don’t sleep on em!


Under the influence tour!

Under the influence tour!

Yesterday night the nissan pavilion now called Jiffy Lube Live was “turnt up” Lights, crowds, smoke, and sound all coupled together to create a very intense atmosphere for both the performers and the audience! People in the DC metropolitan area have been anticipating the show for a while and were ready to party.




Backstage – a fun but organized mess of artists and affiliates working together to keep everything running as smoothly as possible while the artists kicked it in the green room. We are uploading and mashing up the videos we recorded but just to get you a feel of how the concert went here are some pictures!